About Jayaa's Couture

Jayaa’s Couture a creative dream of Jaya Agarwal, Celebrates the essence of a modern fearless women. So think of Indian textile, domestic design aesthetics with contemporary spins and modern western silhouettes rooted in Indian sensibility.

Our design philosophy revolves around the idea of minimalism, clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes, in pure fabrics, earthy tones and simple Indian motifs for prints.

We are best known for mastering the art of innovating & incorporating the vibrancy of hand-woven fabrics, the softness of cotton, Silk , Chanderi  etc. and fine detailed hand embroidery through our collection.

Hand Made With Love Handcrafted from scratch. each garment is a result of cndicss days of hard work that a team of her weavers ,Crafts men, and tailors put in to one finished product .

Feel the Realyou …!! “our mission is to make you feel that way.”